Soaring in the Year 10 Speech Competition

Published on Tuesday, 18 August 2020, 2:47 p.m. Print Article

Recently the whole of our Year 10 cohort came together to listen to the top speaker from eachEnglish class present a speech on a whakataukī.

The speakers addressed issues of LGBTQ+ rights, #metoo, mental health, our responsibility for the Earth and stereotypes.

Our first place winner was Esther Sovincet who spoke on the Black Lives Matter movement and how when we work together as oppressed and allies, the work will be complete. Esther’s passion on the topic was powerful and won her first place.

We also commend all of the speakers who soared impressively.

The top three place-winners  were: 1st- Esther Sovincet, 2nd - Hollie Maguire and 3rd - Mitchell Rumble


Left to right: Hollie Maguire, Esther Sovincet and Mitchell Rumble

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