A Wonderful Experience for some of our Students

Published on Friday, 27 November 2020, 1:40 p.m. Print Article

Last Wednesday, our Totara Learning Centre staff had the proud privilege of taking our TLC students for the first ever Special Olympics FIFA unified football event at Bruce Pulman Park, Takanini. This event is proudly supported by FIFA Foundation and through these events Special Olympics New Zealand is dedicated to promoting social inclusion through shared sports training and competition experiences.     
Two of our Year 10 mainstream students, Keira Barlow and Charlotte Fehl, volunteered to be on our team as per the requirements of the event and they are to be applauded for how well they integrated with not just our students but also the other participating teams. The surprise for them was to be interviewed by a sports journalist who asked them for their perspective and experience, and they answered the questions with ease and confidence, truly reflecting the Selwyn Way!  



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