A Wonderful SELWELL Week

Published on Friday, 4 June 2021, 3:40 p.m. Print Article

Last year we made a significant amendment to The Selwyn Way when we changed the line that starts with the N in Selwyn to ‘Nurture your wellbeing’. And with that, came a significant new school-wide agenda, which we call SELWELL. Through Selwell we want students to learn how to be healthy, so that they are equipped to make the best decisions for their own wellbeing throughout their lives.

This week our student Whanaungatanga Council organised SELWELL week. Alex Robinson, leader of the Council and Ella Craske leader of the SELWELL team report:

‘Our aim was to focus on an aspect of wellbeing each day for which we planned exciting events each day.

Monday we focused on positive messages, which included introducing our new Selwell mascot surprise to everyone in assembly. We had a sticky note wall full of wonderful messages. On Tuesday, we were lucky enough to have a smoothie bike brought in, where the Totara Learning Centre staff and students helped produce the tastiest drinks for all students! Wednesday was also another hit, where Ms Ross led a fun aerobics class that put a massive smile on all our faces.

Year 13 students turned up in their pink shirts on Thursday to promote standing up against bullying. In addition, positive stickers were handed out to the whole school community. To finish the week off strongly, Friday was Priday. Everyone was able to get their picture taken at our awesome photo booth and colourful bracelets (representing the different pride flags) were handed out! Overall, the week was an amazing opportunity to include everyone and promote awareness of their own mental health! 

Finally, our new mascot was named WYNI, which of course, is derived from Selwyn! Wyni will continue to remind everyone about the importance of caring for our hauora throughout the years to come’.

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