Selwyn Students SOAR at MUNA

Published on Thursday, 11 August 2016, 1:56 p.m. Print Article

Massive congratulations to Ryan Blackmore, Chris McCardle and Keir Robinson who made up the Selwyn team representing Senegal at last weekend’s Rotary Model United Nations Assembly. This team were judged overall BEST TEAM at the event, soaring above all of the other 94 teams from a huge number of schools! Ian Willetts who is Youth Services Director at Rotary said they won because ‘The passion and content of their presentations was superb’.

Another massive congratulations also goes to team member Chris McCardle who won the award for BEST SPEAKER! This is a spectacular achievement!

Ian Willetts also praised our second team for their admirable performance representing Jamaica - Erin Roxburgh, Zeelan Talagi and Zoe Worth.

Senegal set the tone for the Conference early on the first day with a passionate speech on the need for the United Nations to assist African nations. Jamaica, likewise reminded the conference of the need to recognise the views of smaller nations. Both teams demonstrated the Selwyn Way throughout the two day conference as they offered insightful and thoughtful views on many of the pressing issues facing the world.

In Keir’s words: “It was great fun and both teams enjoyed the conference. We managed to become the spokespeople for the entire African bloc, get legislation passed at the Security Council, and pass lots of secret lobbying notes. We hope Selwyn goes again next year”.


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