Selwyn Girls’ Lacrosse Soar to Win their Grade

Published on Tuesday, 7 August 2018, 4:14 p.m. Print Article

Congratulations to the Girls’ Black Lacrosse Team on winning the C grade championship Gold medal yesterday. They won 8 – 5 against a strong Marist Sisters’ side in front of a huge turnout of parents, teachers and other students. The girls set winning as their goal for the season and can be hugely proud of having achieved it! Thank you to Louise Grigg for managing the team and to Stephanie Eaton for running the early morning training sessions.

 A number of the team members went to the Auckland Under 15 Lacrosse trials last Saturday which meant they had to battle through painful legs to win yesterday’s game. So far Georgia Primrose-Hore, Maddie Grigg, and Rosa Elliott have made the rep teams.

Back row left to right: Michaela Ceniza, Harriet Foster, Jade Townsend (Ref), Sydnee Krum, Rosa Elliott, Holly Craig, Phoebe Meachen, Rowan Kirker, Brianna Martin and Georgia Primrose-Hore Front row left to right: Makenna Krum, Maddie Grigg, Ceara O’Sullivan and Pagan Klein (Goalie) Absent: Petuana Malupo

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