Jet Shand-Pease – A Selwyn Academic Super Star

Published on Monday, 20 April 2020, 6:57 p.m. Print Article

We are thrilled to let our community know that our Year 11 student Jet Shand-Pease has just been notified that he has been accepted for the 5-day training camp in January to represent New Zealand in the international Mathematical Olympiad.  He sat a 3 hour exam at the end of September and since then, he has been attending tutorials at the University of Auckland. This is a wonderful achievement!

Jet’s exceptional academic talents were also acknowledged at our Senior Prizegiving when he was presented with a Top Scholar Award.  Although his age puts him Year 11, Jet studies all of his subjects at higher levels. He is doing Calculus, Physics and Chemistry at NCEA Level 3 and Electronics, Accounting and English at Level 2. Jet certainly deserves our fullest congratulations.

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