Amazing Year 10 Experience at Hillary Outdoors

Published on Tuesday, 28 July 2020, 3:16 p.m. Print Article

Andy Pitts and Hugo Austin-Murray Report:

In June this year, 60 of the students from the Year 10 cohort had the opportunity to go on an amazing week long camp run by Hillary Outdoors. This camp was all about leadership and teamwork. We weren’t sure if the camp would go ahead due to Covid-19, but we think we speak for everyone who went when we say we’re glad it did.

On this camp we did many challenges and activities that put us out of our comfort zone and required us to use problem solving and teamwork skills to get through the activities together. Throughout the camp, it was awesome to see many people, including us, come out of our comfort zones, form many close friendships, and assume roles of leadership that we otherwise wouldn’t have. When we arrived, we were introduced to one of the fabulous instructors from this camp who took us through the rules and regulations for our stay. After chatting about the rules, we were presented with our first challenge. This was to work out if everyone was there. This may seem simple to you, but organizing 60 fourteen year olds who all think they are amazing leaders turned out to be a lot harder than we thought. While we were doing this, the teachers enjoyed a nice cup of tea and quite probably a good laugh at us before coming to help sort out the madness. 

After two glorious days of activities, we all began preparations for our overnight trip. Different groups went their separate ways, some delving off into the bush, some climbing Mt Ruapehu, all of us knowing we would have the time of our lives. On the overnights we walked, chatted, laughed and walked some more. We set up our tents for the night and all had a wonderful sleep…not. We woke up, packed up our camps and then commenced the walk back. Getting back to camp that night, we were all grateful for the ‘hot’ showers, roast dinner and warm fire - oh what a wonderfully warm fire it was.

The day that we left, everyone did one final activity to round off the amazing experience that we’d all had. Looking back, that activity was an insight into how far we had progressed as individuals, but also as a group. Everyone, at some point, had assumed a leadership role, and at other times, worked to help someone else who was having their turn leading.

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