Year 9 Speech Competition Success!

Published on Friday, 7 August 2020, 4:06 p.m. Print Article

On Thursday, our year 9 students gathered together for the annual Year 9 speech competition. Our students had all initially presented their speeches to their core English classes and the best one was selected to represent their class in the competition. The theme for the speeches was: “what from the past is relevant to me”. The speakers covered some diverse topics from why the extinction of dinosaurs is relevant, to understanding climate change today, to why Christiana Ronaldo continues to influence and inspire young people.

Our first place winner, Natasha Buchalter of 9/4, delivered a powerful and emotive speech about learning from The Holocaust and encouraged the audience to never remain passive in the face of discrimination. Well done to Natasha and indeed to all our wonderful year 9 orators! We are proud of you!

The top place winners were: 1st Place: Natasha Buchalter 9/4, 2nd Place: Ellie McAllister 9/6 and 3rd Place: Sione Tuakoi, 9/1


Finalists: Back Row L to R: Casey Brookes, Ellie McAllister, Lauren Sawyer, Sione Tuakoi and Eva Naufahu Front Row L to R: Patty Moore, Isaac Snell, Jessie Stone, Emily Morrow and Natasha Buchalter

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