An Outstanding Senior Open Speech Competition 2020

Published on Friday, 25 September 2020, 3:54 p.m. Print Article

Congratulations to all of the students who took part in this year’s Senior Open Speech Competition. The standard was very high which made it difficult for our judges, Mr Andrew Thompson and Ms Kath O’Connor. However, they were unanimous in their final decisions. First place went to Elizabeth Sovincet who delivered a dramatic, informative speech on the origins and power of words. She challenged us to think carefully about the way we use words and the effect they have on others. Second place went to James Boland and third place to Maia Royal.

The competition is open to years 12 and 13 students and is a purely voluntary, so to make the decision to participate takes courage and determination. The diverse range of topics, and the varied interpretations, were in turn provocative, challenging and inspirational. At this level, it is not just about how well you present, but the content and crafting of the writing. The audience were challenged to think about the way we use words, to consider the role of culture in our society and to reflect on how our actions today will be judged by the next generation. The other participants Anna McCardle, River Drefers, Alex Robinson, Luke Gallagher and Rebekah Robinson also soared and deserve huge praise for their performances. 

James Boland 2nd, Elizabeth Sovincet 1st and Maia Royal 3rd place

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