Cyber Safety Rules

As part of enrolment, all students and their parent/caregiver(s) sign that they have read the following rules and accept the conditions for using ICT equipment /devices, as well as the consequences for misuse. These rules apply to:
  • all school-related activities both in Selwyn College and away
  • any privately owned ICT equipment brought to Selwyn College or to a school-related activity.  ICT equipment can include a laptop, desktop, PDA, mobile phone, camera, locating device, recording device, or portable storage (e.g. USB or flash memory).  Please ask if you are unsure.
  1. Using the Internet - Internet access is allowed only with the permission of and supervision by a staff member.  This also applies to all other internet use such as access by cell-phone while at school or on school related activities.
  2. Borrowing School ICT - Selwyn College does not normally permit our ICT equipment to be used away from school.  However, if you do have permission, it must not be used by anyone else and must only be used for the purpose it was lent.
  3. Mobile Phones - This rule applies to all forms of cell or mobile phones. You are not allowed to have a phone on in class time (even on silent mode or for “txting”) unless the teacher gives permission for a particular learning activity.  Cell phones must not be used for inappropriate activities such as:
    • upsetting or harassing students, staff or anyone else, even as a joke;
    • having it in your possession, or near you, during any assessment.
  4. Care and Use of ICT - Appropriate use of the school’s ICT equipment means you must not damage or steal any equipment or try to damage the network. You and your family may be responsible for the cost of repair or replacement of deliberately damaged equipment.
  5. Passwords - You must keep your passwords confidential and never share them with anyone else.  
  6. Permissions - You need permission from staff to:
    • connect any storage device to school ICT (to back up work etc)
    • print material on school printers  
    • contribute material to the school Internet/Intranet site or websites used for school related activities. You must not have involvement with any unofficial website that falsely claims to represent the school.
  7. Consideration of Others - You must be considerate of others by:
    • sharing equipment with others and not monopolising it;
    • not wasting resources like paper and bandwidth through unnecessary printing and internet access, uploads or downloads;
    • not intentionally disrupting the smooth running of any school computer or network;
    • not getting involved in any use of ICT that may be offensive to others including any form of “messaging”, or the creation or display of inappropriate graphics, audio or video files;
    • getting permission from anyone you want to photograph, video or record.
  8. Respect - Privacy, safety and security must be respected when using the Internet and other ICT. You must not get involved in any activity that might put yourself at risk or use ICT to upset harass or harm anyone else or the school.
    • You put yourself at risk if you use ICT to: harass; bully; be a nuisance; invade privacy; play games; impersonate or steal an identity; spoof; gamble; be fraudulent; infringe copyright; cheat, or change settings on any ICT equipment without permission.  Also, websites must not be used in a way that could be a risk to the school.
    • If you accidentally access inappropriate, dangerous or illegal material you should:
      (a)    not show others
      (b)    close or minimise the window
      (c)    report the incident to a teacher immediately
    • You should use data storage devices such as disks, USB and flash memory devices only as permitted;
    • You must avoid doing anything that may put at risk the security of the school computer network.  For example, do not get involved with any malware such as viruses or with any form of electronic theft or vandalism including hacking or unauthorised access.
Selwyn College reserves the right to check any work or data stored on or through the school’s computer network or Internet facilities.  For example, we may check your school email. If we suspect someone has misused privately owned ICT at school or on school-related activities we may investigate the matter and the person may be requested to allow their ICT equipment to be checked or audited. If someone misuses equipment, an appropriate response will be made such as: a discussion with the student, informing their parent/caregiver, loss of access to school ICT, or another disciplinary action. If ICT is used illegally, the school may inform the police.