Selwyn has been offering archery since 2013 as part of the PE curriculum and also as an extracurricular activity.  

The aim of the Archery programme is to support the development of students taking part in the sport. Selwyn College has the ability to facilitate controlled Archery sessions inside and outside.  We have a limited supply of high-quality bows, targets and arrows available for student use; our competitive archers have their own bows. Throughout the year the College will be offering training sessions for both Junior and Senior archers.
Selwyn has two teams of four recurve archers and two compound pairs in the Auckland competition in Term 1 2018.Novice archers are receiving training at Break 2 with our Archery Manager.


Wednesday afternoons at school.



Match Details

Wednesday evenings at Auckland Archery Club, One Tree Hill

Special Events

AKSS Match Play Championships - Sunday 8th April at Auckland Archery Club


Participants will need to wear PE kit 

Help Needed

Parent assistance is needed to transport the archers to and from One Tree Hill each Wednesday evening.

To Register

All students interested in Archery should see the friendly Staff in the Sports Department for more information.